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The Kiss Principle In Copywriting: 3 Ways To Make Your Copy Easier (And More Effective)

If I tell you the word KISS … what comes to mind?

  1. The school’s English classes.
  2. The mythical heavy music group.
  3. The design principle that defends simplicity against complexity.

Do you want to know what I would answer if they asked me?

In case you had any questions, here is the answer in a graphic version.

I can’t help it. I love rock and more if you wear extravagant makeup and clothes.

Although I would love to, I’m not here to tell you about my musical tastes. Today I want to explain what the KISS principle is and how to apply it to your texts to make a life for yourself (and your customers) a little easier.

A few days ago, I realized that I have been applying the KISS principle for months without knowing it.

But I’d better start at the beginning: what’s that about the KISS principle and where does it come from?

KISS is the acronym that results from the phrase “Keep it simple stupid.”

Or what is the same: “Keep it easy, stupid.”

The KISS principle is mostly used in software design, engineering, and development, although you can actually apply it to almost everything in life.

This principle was created by an American Navy engineer, and he says that almost all systems work better when they are simple than when they are complex.

For example, a machine with a few parts is easier to maintain and less likely to break than a machine with complicated mechanisms. Furthermore, extras and functions “just in case” can make that machine more difficult for the user to handle.

You may now be thinking this is silly because no one does hard things on purpose.

And you are right. In theory, nobody wants to get complicated just because the problem is that it almost always costs more to do simple things, and that also applies to copywriting, communication, and marketing in general.

You don’t have to work with machines and software to see the usefulness of the KISS principle. Your website, your funnels, and your email sequences are also a good field where you can see it in action.

Build your value proposition

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein’s quote comes to my hair to explain what the KISS principle has to do with copywriting.

I always say that when you write anything, you have to make sure that even your grandmother understands it. To achieve this, the only way is for you to understand the product or service so well that you can explain it in just one or two sentences.

What usually happens? That the first time you have to explain what you do, you put on a movie like Spielberg’s. And when you transfer it to your copy, it shows because you don’t succeed in transmitting your value proposition in an effective way.

Your value proposition is the basis of your copy. If you are not able to condense your offer in a few lines, it is that you still have more analysis and simplification work pending.

Simplify your funnel

It is that you need to apply the KISS principle urgently.

In many cases, part of the funnel had been replaced by customer service by phone or WhatsApp.

Life is complex enough; your copy shouldn’t be

The next time you are tempted to complicate your life a little more, remember the KISS principle and simplify.

Exactly why Is It Important To Have Good Quality Audio Equipment?

Exactly why Is It Important To Have Good Quality Audio Equipment?


I arrived In ancient now to meet among those teams for a project that they had to start first. Once I made them moving to your afternoon and because I was here at 5:30 a.m., I chose to stay and have some good work done. Additionally smart privacy glass, because I knew that the device was not likely to ring in the hour that I could turn the music up and become lost inside it.

Ever since I’d only discovered the other day it had been observing the 22nd anniversary of its release, I picked to its Tragically Hips”Fully Completely” CD. This really can be a CD I have listened to tens of thousands of times.

I stumbled down to Begin functioning, Enthusiastic my PC, Switched away shuffle, And hit play my J River Media Center computer software. Subsequently, Wow! I had not ever had an opportunity yet to listen to this CD in my current setup and that I had been astonished. For all, anyone knew to”the rickety” they truly have been a Canadian group, kind of folky, kind of bluesy, and also a small rugged. I have always found this CD has been recorded and produced very nicely. Though it has a bit of a stone feel it’s a really clean form of record. It hasn’t yet been muddied up just like lots of the present over compacted offerings that you hear.

Image result for Exactly why Is It Important To Have Good Quality Audio Equipment?

My Installation

Now I’m using a PC Together with J Rivers, Media Center 1 9 ($40) to engage in high-performance FLAC files away from my Synology websites servers ($400 and the price of hard drivers). The music files are stored onto the audio soundtem, therefore the files have been streamed from Media Center computer software From that point that the music by the PC from the USB jack into some Peachtree Decco 65 ($999), at which the onboard DAC converts the electronic analog music. The Peachtree can be an integrated tube amplifier with numerous inputs, I’m utilizing the USB input signal. By the Amplifier section that the music travels outside over a few AudioQuest Rocket 8-8 speaker wires ($899) together using DBS for some Totem Acoustic, Model inch — miniature speakers ($2,550).

Image result for Exactly why Is It Important To Have Good Quality Audio Equipment?

By using this PC since the”transportation” it Is Quite easy to view your Music and make playlists or fast access into the music that you would like at any specific moment. The Totem speakers are set rather near an equilateral triangle that I will get together along with my table arrangement. The speakers have been put on every facet of the triple video screen installation. That equals the speakers about 70 besides my mind is placed roughly 50 from each speaker. The Totem speakers are fantastic for their acoustic guitars. In reality, it had been just how they appeared on pellets that sold me to the brand. Then there’s the great stereo separation and thickness of each tool.


Everything only sounds fantastic and precise, like you would expect it to seem. It is the tiny parts that produce the song seem different. The manufacturing value is the thing that creates a record sticks out. With this particular installment, you hear some other guitar parts. But since the strategy sounds clean and clear you hear them distinctly different pieces.

Sejarah Singkat Tentang Permainan Roulette

Sejarah Singkat Tentang Permainan Roulette

Roulette merupakan salah satu permainan kasino dan hampir terlibat pada seluruh aktivitas 96ace perjudian darat dan online. Sama halnya seperti Anda yang mengkonsumsi nasi sebagai makanan pokok, tentu saja sangatlah sulit untuk membayangkan dunia perjudian tanpa roulette. Namun, sebelum permainan ini populer di temukan melalui perjudian online, Roulette memiliki sejarah yang kaya sejak ratusan tahun yang tentu saja sebaiknya Anda ketahui, terlebih jika Anda memang seorang penggemar judi online. 

Untuk mengetahui riwayat dan sejarah permainan lengkap dari Roulette, kami akan mengajak Anda untuk melihat informasi detailnya melalui artikel ini. Nah, apakah Anda penasaran? Yuk, simak sejarah dan riwayat dari permainan Roulette melalui artikel di bawah ini! 


Sejarah Awal Mula Permainan Roulette

Asal-usul permainan Roulette dimulai sejak tahun 1600-an. Saat itu, seorang fisikawan, penemu dan matematikawan bernama Blaise Pascal menugaskan dirinya sendiri untuk menciptakan mesin gerak abadi dan dengan demikian lahirlah roda Roulette. Ada beberapa anggapan bahwa game ini juga merupakan turunan dari game Inggris bernama Roly Poly, tetapi tidak ada yang benar-benar tahu, bahwa ada tautan ke kedua game di Roulette modern.  

Sementara yang kita tahu adalah bahwa sepanjang abad ke-17 dan ke-18 roda Roulette ada persis seperti yang ditemukan Pascal sekitar 200 tahun sebelumnya. Pada tahun 1842 Francois dan Louis Blanc mendesain ulang meja untuk menambahkan angka nol, sehingga mengamankan tepi rumah bagi pemilik kasino atau meja.

Perubahan ini dibuat atas permintaan khusus dari raja Raja Charles III dari Monako. Perubahan ini terbukti menjadi momen besar dalam sejarah Roulette karena memberi rumah itu keunggulan yang tidak dapat diatasi. Ada alasan untuk ini juga. Seperti saat ini, ekonomi nasional tidak stabil dan menghadapi masalah keuangan, Raja Charles III membangun kasino dan menawarkan kepada massa roda Roulette yang baru ditingkatkan versinya. 

Itu memiliki efek yang diinginkan karena menghasilkan banyak pendapatan untuk Monako dan memperkuat budaya Monaco sebagai kota perjudian kelas atas, sebuah citra yang dipertahankannya saat ini. Keberhasilan roda dengan mudah dibantu oleh Monaco menjadi jauh lebih diinginkan karena larangan perjudian baru-baru ini, yang membatasi pilihan tujuan penjudi.


Perkembangan Permainan Roulette


Popularitas Roulette berarti hanya masalah waktu sebelum diangkut melintasi samudera. Pada pertengahan abad ke-19, hal itu terjadi, tetapi dengan satu perbedaan yang signifikan. Orang Amerika menginginkan tepi rumah yang lebih tinggi sehingga mereka mendesain ulang roda Roulette lagi, menambahkan nol kedua, yang dikenal sebagai “Nol Ganda” yang berarti sekarang ada 38 angka pada roda Roulette yang lebih besar daripada 37. 

Sampai saat ini, desain dari roda Roulette tetap sama di meja yang tersebar di seluruh negeri. Meskipun merupakan ikon budaya perjudian, penumpang memiliki hubungan cinta atau benci dengan permainan tersebut. Kadang-kadang disebut sebagai “The Devil’s Game”, karena angka-angka pada roda Roulette berjumlah 666, rumah ini mempertahankan keunggulan jangka panjang yang tak terkalahkan. 

Pertumbuhan Las Vegas sebagai ibu kota perjudian dunia dan pada tingkat yang lebih kecil Atlantic City dibangun di atas permainan seperti Roulette dan permainan meja populer lainnya seperti Craps dan Baccarat di mana kasino menawarkan peluang untuk mendapatkan keuntungan tetapi permainan tetap secara matematis berbobot menuju rumah. 

Baru-baru ini orang Inggris Andrew Revell mengukir sejarah permainan Roulette sendiri ketika dia menjual semua yang dimilikinya, mengumpulkan sekitar 65.000 yang dia bawa ke Las Vegas dan meletakkan semuanya di “merah”. Revell mempertaruhkan semuanya dan memenangkan taruhan, membawa pulang uangnya dua kali lipat. Namun, saya membaca bahwa dia akhirnya bangkrut karena usaha bisnis yang gagal.  

Inilah sejarah Roulette dari masa ke masa sebelum akhirnya sangat populer seperti sekarang. jika Anda tertarik memainkannya, sekarang Anda pun tak perlu repot mendatangi kasino darat karena permainan Roulette telah hadir di kasino online. 



Five Stupid Mistakes Smart People Make

Over the course of our lives, we all develop unproductive habits that prevent us from achieving our goals. And often, in the fast-paced the world we live in and work in mmc996, we don’t realize that we are making the same mistakes over and over again. To live a balanced, beneficial life, and committed to a satisfactory long-term job, getting rid of these oversights is essential.

They Confuse Being Busy With Being Productive

In his book, The 4 Hours of Work a Week, Tim Ferris says: “Slow down and remember this: Most things make no difference. Being busy is often a form of mental laziness, lazy thinking, and indiscriminate action.”

This is Ferris’s way of saying, “Work smarter, not harder,” which turns out to be one of the most prevalent modern clichés of personal development. But like most cliches, few people really stick to it.

Just take a look around you. The employed outnumber the productive by a wide margin.

Busy people are in hurry always, and being late half the time. They are heading to work, a conference, a meeting, a social engagement, etc. They hardly have any free time to spend with their families, and they rarely get enough sleep. However, work emails constantly come to her phones like machine-gun bullets, and her schedule is full of obligations.

They Spend Time Chasing False Achievements

Personal growth is healthy. Personal growth is an achievement. As long as it’s real. The problem is that the pressure to grow brings with it the incentive to make growth easier. Or, more precisely, to make growth seem easier.

“Growth games” promoting false achievement are appearing online at an alarming rate. Many of them are contained within the products and services provided by popular brands such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Each contains a psychological aspect that supports a growth game full of false achievements – an accumulation of points that relate to the intended benefit of the product or service.

They Learn How To Do Something And Never Do It

Sadly, very few people lived to become the success story they dream of. And there is a very simple reason why: They never take action!

Acquiring knowledge does not mean that you are growing. Growing happens when what you know changes your way of life. Most people live completely dazed. They don’t really live. They just ‘get carried away’ because they never take the actions necessary to make things happen – to make their dreams come true.

Use Wrong Measurements To Track Your Progress

You can’t control what you don’t measure properly, and what you measure predicts your future. If you measure the wrong things, you will be completely blind to the opportunities that appear on the horizon.

Imagine if, during the execution of a small business, you decide to measure how many pencils and clips you use. Does that make any sense? Not! Because pencils and paper clips are not an important measure for a company. Pencils and paper clips are unrelated to income, customer satisfaction, market growth, etc.

They Are Obsessed With Doing The Perfect Things

Many of us are perfectionists. I know I am from time to time. We create high standards for ourselves and put the best of ourselves in view. We dedicate large amounts of time and attention to our jobs/passions to keep our personal standards high. Our passion for excellence leads us to run the extra kilometer, without ever stopping, without giving in. And this dedication to perfection undoubtedly helps us get results. As long as we don’t get carried away.

But what happens when we let ourselves be carried away by perfectionism?

We were unhappy and discouraged when we did not meet the (impossibly high) standards we set ourselves, making us reluctant to take on new challenges  or even finish the tasks we had already started. Our insistence on pinning each “i” and making the “T” roof perfect brings inefficiency, causing major delays, stress, and mediocre results.

The KISS principle (from English Keep It Simple, Stupid !, Make It Simple, Stupid

The KISS principle states that most systems work better if they are kept simple than if they are complex; therefore, simplicity must be maintained as a key design objective victory 996 thai, and any unnecessary complexity must be avoided.

Jack Welch, in an interview at the Harvard Business Review, said: “Insecure managers create complexity. Frightened and nervous managers use very thick and complicated planning books, and slides filled with everything they have learned since childhood. Real leaders need not confuse. People must have the self-confidence to be clear, precise, and to be sure that every person in your organization, from the most important to the least, understands what the basic business objective is. But it is not easy. It’s amazing how difficult it is to be simple for the people; how scared she is to be simple. They are concerned about the fact that if they are simple, others may think they are stupid. Actually, of course, it’s just the other way around.

Phrases about the simple, which are simply powerful

  • “An intellectual is one who says a simple thing in a complicated way. An artist is the one who says a complicated thing in a simple way.” Bukowski
  • “Simplicity is the utmost sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci.
  • “God is simple. Everything else is complex. Don’t look for absolute values ​​in the relative world of nature”. (Albert Einstein)
  • Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can do something complicated. The difficult thing is to do something simple”. (Richard Branson)
  • “Who gets excited by the simple is usually not simple.” (José Narosky)
  • “A strong voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even if it is a mere whisper.” (Confucius)
  • “It is not easy to understand the simple.” (Eric Hoffer)
  • “What we look at and cannot see is simple.” (Lao Tse)
  • “The Simple vs. the Simplistic; Simple an intellectual, thoughtful, and responsible process. The Simplistic is a contempt without thought or reflection and without assuming consequences.”

And what observer are you before the power of the simple?…

The Best Organic Baby Formula 

The Best Organic Baby Formula 

For moms who don’t breastfeed their baby, good formula milk is a basic necessity. Deciding not to breastfeed your baby is a choice which you need to make on your own, but when it comes to choosing the best formula milk, you need to ensure that you choose best teething toys for molars organic formula milk, which includes all the nutrients required for the growing years of your baby. Organic baby formulas are free from harmful chemicals and it is prepared using the natural ingredients which supply your baby with the right nutrients for healthy growth. So, when it comes to organic baby formula, what are the best picks in the market? 


Products to consider for babies today!

 Let us look at the five Best Organic Baby Formula products which are considered safe and healthy for your baby.           

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Formula with Iron

This organic formula milk with iron is considered to be the Best Organic Formula for infants and it is prepared using organic milk that has been derived from cows that fed on organic grass, grain and hay. It is free from harmful preservatives and corn syrup solids. The formula is fortified with irons and comprises ARA and DHA which is helpful for the eye development and brain growth in infants. It contains small amount of pre-biotic which helps boost baby’s immunity. It is easy to digest and causes no intolerance issues in babies and considered safe for the consumption of infants. 

Earth’s Organic Low Lactose Sensitivity Infant Formula 

This is another organic formula for infants which is ultimate infant formula for babies with sensitive tummies. Since this is the low lactose sensitivity infant formula, it comprises 95% less lactose than the standard milk based formulas and hence it is easy to digest for infants. The formula is rich in Iron that promotes the healthy development of red blood cells in babies and also comprises ARA and DHA for health brain and eye development. The organic formula has all organic compounds and also satisfies the standards set by FDA. All important nutrients required for the healthy growth of your baby are included in the formula. 

Plum Organic Infant Formula 

Plum Organics Grow Organic Infant Formula is another best product that worth considering. It is free from harmful elements and contains no corn syrup solids. It the completely based on lactose and all its ingredients are organic and natural. The milk is directly sourced from the cows that fed on organic grains and hay which makes it is Best Organic Infant Formula. The formula contains no added growth hormones and other antibiotics or any other genetically adapted ingredients. The formula is also USDA Organic Certified and safe for your baby. The formula is the most affordable option for parents and it has many great reviews online


These are some of the Best Organic Infant Formula products which are worth considering. There are many products available in the market, but not all organic formulas are safe and healthy for your baby. So, you need to ensure that the formula that you are choosing for your baby is safe and certified by the association of paediatrics. Moreover, it must be accepted by your baby and it should have all the nutrients that your baby needs in their growing years.                   


The KISS diet: What does it consist of? How is it Done?

Within my hobby of naming things, the diet that I am going to follow from now on, I am going to call KISS.

The word KISS means “kiss” in English, but the shots don’t go that way. It is the acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid! , which more or less means “keep it simple, stupid!”.

This expression is not something that I invented much less. It is used in the field of computing as a kind of universal law where you always have to remember that things should not be complicated and that doing any task in a simple way (for example, developing a computer program) is the smartest way to work.

As this philosophy has always caught my attention, but I have never put it into practice, I thought it was time to put it to it and “keep it simple” all this.

Success lies in effort and perseverance, but also in knowing your weak points.

Surely if we ask my mother what my virtues are, she could be talking all afternoon and not finish. Now, if we ask about my defects, it will surely end quickly.

But yes, I have many defects, and do you know which is one of the most troublesome? Well, I am a real disaster in my organization, and I tend to simplify everything to the maximum so that it gives me the least headache possible (which sometimes is good, but other times it only brings me more problems).

Then, what are you going to do?

Well, I’m going to go back to the basics, to what really works, which is counting calories, but in a special way, because even if it’s a disaster, I recognize that if I want to lose weight, I must have minimal initial planning.

First, I am going to calculate the calories that I need a day, and once I have it clear, I will mark a lower figure to consume daily (for me, about 2000 or 2200 kcal per day is more than good).

Then I will set some basic rules which I will try to comply with:

  • Drink plenty of water with each meal (very easy for me).
  • That each meal has a ration of proteins (because of the satiating effect and so that my muscles do not suffer).
  • That each meal has a serving of vegetables.

These points are basic, but they do not always have to be fulfilled (I will explain it later).

Later, in the meals of the day that give me a little the same (breakfast and snack), I will always eat the same, so I do not warm my head (keep it simple!).

At lunchtime? Well, very simple. As I am not going to be cooking some things for myself and others for the rest of the family (yes, I am the cooker), because I am going to eat something that falls within normal limits, a plate of whatever there is without it overflowing, and accompanied by a salad.

For lunch, well, a sandwich, whatever. They are about 100 grams of bread (totaling 250 kcal) and then the filling. I will be very careful if I add oil, which is very caloric and can shoot up the total calories.…