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The Kiss Principle In Copywriting: 3 Ways To Make Your Copy Easier (And More Effective)

If I tell you the word KISS … what comes to mind?

  1. The school’s English classes.
  2. The mythical heavy music group.
  3. The design principle that defends simplicity against complexity.

Do you want to know what I would answer if they asked me?

In case you had any questions, here is the answer in a graphic version.

I can’t help it. I love rock and more if you wear extravagant makeup and clothes.

Although I would love to, I’m not here to tell you about my musical tastes. Today I want to explain what the KISS principle is and how to apply it to your texts to make a life for yourself (and your customers) a little easier.

A few days ago, I realized that I have been applying the KISS principle for months without knowing it.

But I’d better start at the beginning: what’s that about the KISS principle and where does it come from?

KISS is the acronym that results from the phrase “Keep it simple stupid.”

Or what is the same: “Keep it easy, stupid.”

The KISS principle is mostly used in software design, engineering, and development, although you can actually apply it to almost everything in life.

This principle was created by an American Navy engineer, and he says that almost all systems work better when they are simple than when they are complex.

For example, a machine with a few parts is easier to maintain and less likely to break than a machine with complicated mechanisms. Furthermore, extras and functions “just in case” can make that machine more difficult for the user to handle.

You may now be thinking this is silly because no one does hard things on purpose.

And you are right. In theory, nobody wants to get complicated just because the problem is that it almost always costs more to do simple things, and that also applies to copywriting, communication, and marketing in general.

You don’t have to work with machines and software to see the usefulness of the KISS principle. Your website, your funnels, and your email sequences are also a good field where you can see it in action.

Build your value proposition

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein’s quote comes to my hair to explain what the KISS principle has to do with copywriting.

I always say that when you write anything, you have to make sure that even your grandmother understands it. To achieve this, the only way is for you to understand the product or service so well that you can explain it in just one or two sentences.

What usually happens? That the first time you have to explain what you do, you put on a movie like Spielberg’s. And when you transfer it to your copy, it shows because you don’t succeed in transmitting your value proposition in an effective way.

Your value proposition is the basis of your copy. If you are not able to condense your offer in a few lines, it is that you still have more analysis and simplification work pending.

Simplify your funnel

It is that you need to apply the KISS principle urgently.

In many cases, part of the funnel had been replaced by customer service by phone or WhatsApp.

Life is complex enough; your copy shouldn’t be

The next time you are tempted to complicate your life a little more, remember the KISS principle and simplify.