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The KISS diet: What does it consist of? How is it Done?

Within my hobby of naming things, the diet that I am going to follow from now on, I am going to call KISS.

The word KISS means “kiss” in English, but the shots don’t go that way. It is the acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid! , which more or less means “keep it simple, stupid!”.

This expression is not something that I invented much less. It is used in the field of computing as a kind of universal law where you always have to remember that things should not be complicated and that doing any task in a simple way (for example, developing a computer program) is the smartest way to work.

As this philosophy has always caught my attention, but I have never put it into practice, I thought it was time to put it to it and “keep it simple” all this.

Success lies in effort and perseverance, but also in knowing your weak points.

Surely if we ask my mother what my virtues are, she could be talking all afternoon and not finish. Now, if we ask about my defects, it will surely end quickly.

But yes, I have many defects, and do you know which is one of the most troublesome? Well, I am a real disaster in my organization, and I tend to simplify everything to the maximum so that it gives me the least headache possible (which sometimes is good, but other times it only brings me more problems).

Then, what are you going to do?

Well, I’m going to go back to the basics, to what really works, which is counting calories, but in a special way, because even if it’s a disaster, I recognize that if I want to lose weight, I must have minimal initial planning.

First, I am going to calculate the calories that I need a day, and once I have it clear, I will mark a lower figure to consume daily (for me, about 2000 or 2200 kcal per day is more than good).

Then I will set some basic rules which I will try to comply with:

  • Drink plenty of water with each meal (very easy for me).
  • That each meal has a ration of proteins (because of the satiating effect and so that my muscles do not suffer).
  • That each meal has a serving of vegetables.

These points are basic, but they do not always have to be fulfilled (I will explain it later).

Later, in the meals of the day that give me a little the same (breakfast and snack), I will always eat the same, so I do not warm my head (keep it simple!).

At lunchtime? Well, very simple. As I am not going to be cooking some things for myself and others for the rest of the family (yes, I am the cooker), because I am going to eat something that falls within normal limits, a plate of whatever there is without it overflowing, and accompanied by a salad.

For lunch, well, a sandwich, whatever. They are about 100 grams of bread (totaling 250 kcal) and then the filling. I will be very careful if I add oil, which is very caloric and can shoot up the total calories.…